Nizar Rohana Trio

With Oud, double bass and percussion, the Trio continues along Nizar’s journey in exploring new possibilities for the Oud instrument, where its idiomatic character is advanced through new compositions, fresh structures, melodies and expressions, combined with Rohana’s outstanding musicianship to create a vigorous contemporary sound. Nizar is joined by Paris-based musicians Matyas Szandai (double bass) and Wassim Halal (percussion). The trio released their debut album Furāt (Euphrates) on 15 April 2016.

Solo Performance

Nizar’s playing reveals his deep fascination and aptness for breathing the spirit of the 21st century into traditional Arabic music. As a composer, he takes the unique character of the Oud as his starting point to develop a distinct contemporary sound, which gently hints at myriad influences that can never quite be identified. 

Tony Overwater & Nizar Rohana

The Duo emerged from the recording sessions for the recent IKON documentary series 'Om de Oude Wereldzee' (‘Around the Ancient World Sea’) based on the travels of Dutch politician Abraham Kuyper. Both musicians bring their own compositions, and improvise on the interface between the Arab and Western music.